• How can I create questions with multiple correct answers?

    If you unclick the option “Allow Only One Vote per Device”, it is possible for a student to submit an additional answer after a wait time of 10 seconds.

    However, if you would prefer to have clear results about how many students voted correctly, you could also create your question in the following way:


    Which of the following male soccer clubs have ever won the UEFA Champions League?

    1) Real Madrid

    2) VfL Bochum

    3) Bayern München

    4) AS ROMA

    5) Manchester United

    6) PSV Eindhoven

    A: Only 1)

    B: 1) and 5)

    C: 1), 4) and 5)

    D: 1), 3) and 5)

    E: All clubs, 1) through 6)

    In this example, the correct answer would be D.

  • I forgot my password. What now?

    Please register again at www.eduvote.de/en/license.html with the email that you previously registered with. The system is aware that you are already registered and will send you a new password.

  • How can I change my password?

    The password is sent unencrypted to our server, as no special protection is needed to initialize a survey. Because of this, we would like to prevent you from creating passwords that might be connected with vulnerable logins, such as a password associated with an online banking account. Similarly, we also do not allow you to easily update your own password. You can, however, change your password by sending an email to info@eduvote.de with your preferred password.

  • How many students can participate in a Quick Poll / Survey?

    The number of participants in an eduVote survey is not capped. However, please be sure that all members of the audience can connect to the Internet. eduVote has already been successfully tested with more than 1000 participants. For large audiences, we recommend connecting the instructor’s computer to the internet via a LAN connection.

  • How do I create visually rich questions and answers that include mathematical formulas and graphics?

    In this case, please use the PowerPoint Add-In.

  • Can students also use eduVote if a university has an enterprise license?

    Yes, all those who belong to the institution and have an associated email address can conduct surveys via eduVote. The students must register at www.eduvote.de/en/license.html and then they will be able to initialize a survey.

  • Must all students register with eduVote before they can vote?

    No, only the instructor must register to initialize a survey. The participants can vote anonymously and without registration.

  • Will I incur any costs by registering? Do I have to be careful not to accidently order something?

    No, if your institution has an enterprise license, you can simply register and there will be no cost to you. If your institution does not have a license, the registration page will give you a failure notice. If you are interested in a free trial account, please send us an email at register@eduvote.de.

  • How do I know if my university already has a license?

    The quickest way to find out is to try registering with your university email address at www.eduvote.de/en/license.html. If your university has a license, you will be able to register for free. If not, your registration will not work and you will get a failure notice. If you are interested in a free trial account, please send us an email at register@eduvote.de.



  • After I vote, my phone says that I’ve “Already voted” and I cannot pass my phone to a classmate to vote as well.

    The general settings for a survey require that there is a 10 second wait time between each vote. This is to make it difficult to “sabotage” a survey through continuous voting. After the 10 seconds, another student can use the phone to vote. However, the instructor can also set the survey to only allow one vote per device. (In this case, voting with a browser is not available.)


  • I’ve noticed that it’s possible to vote multiple times. Is this a failure?

    The ability to submit multiple votes per device is generally allowed so that the device can be passed to another student who otherwise would not be able to vote. Please be aware that in a “normal” survey, there will be a 10 second wait time between votes in order to make it difficult to “sabotage” a survey through continuous voting. At the same time, 10 seconds should be short enough to allow for the other student to vote. The instructor can, however, decide to limit the voting to one vote per device.

  • eduVote doesn’t work on the last slide of my PowerPoint presentation. Why?

    On the last slide of a PPT presentation you can’t control the eduVote Add-In using a presenter or the right-arrow-key on your keyboard. So you have two options:

    1) Add a blank slide at the end of you presentation

    2) Control eduVote on the last slide by clicking on the button with your mouse.

  • What should I enter for the “Proxy Server” in the eduVote instructor software / PowerPoint Add-In?

    If everything is working fine, you don’t need to enter anything there! If you have to or would prefer to use a Proxy Server, please add the server and port there. In the instructor software, please add these in the separate fields provided. In the PowerPoint Add-In, please add these in the format: “ServerName:Port”.

  • eduVote doesn’t work because the internet is accessed through a Proxy Server.

    If this is the case, please set the Proxy Server and Port via the eduVote settings. In the Windows application, please add these in the separate fields provided. In the PowerPoint Add-In, please add these in the format: “ServerName:Port”.


  • What should I enter in the “Session Code” field?

    You are welcome to leave the session code field blank. If you are worried that students outside the auditorium might access and vote in your survey, the session code ensures that only the students present in the auditorium can vote. Thus, please pick any code you prefer and share it with the students.

  • When I’m using the PowerPoint Add-In, after clicking on “Show Results” only a portion of the diagram is shown.

    This issue can occur on small laptops with very high resolution (for instance, Surface Pro). If this occurs, please do the following: Choose the Display Resolution in your System Settings. Find the projector display settings and click on “Make Text and Other Elements Bigger or Smaller”. Check the box next to “Manual” and choose 100%.

  • I’m getting an error message in the PPT Add-In that says, “Item EduvoteInfo not found in the Shapes Collection.”

    You are receiving this error because you have deleted the Info Box from your slide. Please do not delete any of the three eduVote graphical elements. If you’d prefer that this item does not appear on the slide, simply place it somewhere where it will not be visible.

  • After running the Windows Update 12/2014, the eduVote Control Buttons on the slides have become inactive and I am unable to create new eduVote-enabled questions.

    This error has occurred on several computers after running the Windows Update 12/2014. These computers have also experienced errors with other macros. Until the next update, Microsoft recommends fixing the issue by deleting specific temporary data. Thus, please do the following:

    1. Quit PowerPoint, Word and Excel.

    2. Go to: http://www.eduvote.de/Updatefehler.html

    3. Right click on the link and choose “Save Target As…”

    4. Run the MSForms.exd_Reset.cmd file from your hard drive.

    5. The system will initially prevent the execution of the file. You can circumvent this by clicking on “More Info” and “Run Anyway”.

    6. The next time you launch PowerPoint, the necessary eduVote elements will have been restored and the Add-In will function properly.