The voting component of eduVote is freely available.

The eduVote instructor software to administer a Quick Poll or Survey, initialize, store and edit a series of questions, and to display the associated results, can be downloaded for free from this page.  In addition to the software, you will also need an eduVote ID in order to conduct a survey.


Free Trial:

We are happy to offer a free trial of eduVote so that you can try it out at your event. Please send an email with your request to:


Single License:

The price for a single license is 299 € (incl. VAT) per year.

If you would like to purchase a single license, please send us an email at:


Enterprise License for Universities and Other Institutions:

Institutions may purchase an enterprise license for €2800 (incl. VAT) per year. This authorizes anyone with an email address from that institution to register and run surveys.  If your institutions would like to purchase an enterprise license, please contact us directly at:

If your institution has an Enterprise License, you can register below with your institutional email address. You will receive your password via email.